Our diverse team will help you solve all of your logistical needs, providing a wide array of transportation services for many kinds of freight.

Our team focuses on serving each and every customer with tailored and time sensitive transportation solutions, ensuring success every step of the way throughout your transportation process. Efficiency and reliability are our number one priority, as our goal is to save every customer as much time and money as possible. The logistics solutions our team of specialists will provide you with are geared to exceed every expectation you may have. We aim to alleviate any and all stress that may occur throughout your transportation process, by handling every detail from start to finish.

We offer

Link Logistics offers Full Truckload services, Expedited Shipping services, and Cross-Border services, meaning all of your transportation needs
will be easily handled with excellence and time-sensitivity in mind. We offer a full fleet of vehicles, giving each customer the opportunity to only pay
for what size vehicle is best for them. Our fleet includes Sprinter Vans, Cargo Vans, Box Trucks, Straight Trucks, Large Straight Trucks, Refrigerated Cargo Vans, Refrigerated Sprinter Vans, Refrigerator Box Trucks, and Refrigerated Straight Trucks.

This allows customers with smaller load needs to have their goods transported faster and cheaper than usual. For our customers with larger volume cargon, this allows for all of their items transported together in the vehicle that perfectly fits their goods.

We meet all your expectations

Our experienced team is ready to work with you to meet all of the transportation needs required for your small or large business, or even yourself, personally. We tailor every transport to provide each customer with exactly what they need, ensuring you do not pay for more than is necessary.

At Link Logistics, we will always strive to save you both time and money, while supporting you every step of the way.